大帽山是全香港最高的山, 不但四季風景如畫, 山中更充滿人情味。 

「大帽山之美」帶給大家一次愉快之旅, 更集合大家的支持, 將全數盈餘回饋社區, 讓更多人享受山中之人情味。
Tai Mo Shan is the highest peak in Hong Kong with beautiful seasonal scenery.   The warmness and friendliness of all creatures on the mountain appeal to all visitors.   "The Wonders of Tai Mo Shan
" is not just a race.   It is a joyful journey to contribute and to succeed the warmness from Tai Mo Shan to the community.   ​


比賽日期: 2019年12月7日(星期六)
比賽時間: 早上8時正
比賽起點: 荃灣廟崗街休憩處
比賽終點: 荃灣大帽山扶輪公園
比賽組別: 大帽山之美30公里旅遊
組別: 個人及雙人


個人組別: (男, 女子組別各組均設1、2、3名) 
堅快組: 18歲或以上及任何年齡
堅勁組: 35歲至45歲
堅毅組: 46歲至59歲
堅持組: 60歲或以上

雙人組: (不分年齡各組均設1、2、3名)

30公里旅遊組 (時限: 10小時)


個人組別港幣$380 (早鳥$350)

雙人組別每隊港幣$700 (早鳥$650)

Race Information

Race Date: 7 December 2019 (Saturday) 
Race Start Time: 8 am 
Race Start Point: Miu Kong Street Sitting-Out Area
Finish Point: Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park
Race Categories: Travel 30km
Group Categories: Solo and Team of 2


Solo : (Men & Women awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category)
Super Fast: Any age over 18 years or above
Super Hero: Age 35 - 45
Super Strong: Age 46 - 59
Super Steadfast: Age over 60

Team of 2: (No age limit awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each group)
Fighting Men's Group
Secret Women's Group
Dragon and Phoenix mixed group

Travel 30km (Time limit: 10 hours)
Registration fee: 

Solo: HK$380 (Early Bird $350) 

Team of 2: HK$700 (Early Bird $650)
* The above price does not include 8% system administration fee

賽事路線Race Course
30公里旅遊路線 Travel 30km 
荃灣廟崗街休憩處 (蕙荃體育館旁) > 城門路 (往象山村方向及經可風中學) > 城門水塘路 > 城門水塘大霸 > 麥理浩徑第7段 > 針山 > 草山 > 鉛礦坳 (水站) > 衛奕信徑7段 > 元敦下 >  衛奕信徑8段往石蓮路 > 社山村公厠 > 社山村路 > 林錦公路 > 梧桐寨路 (水站)> 四方亭 > 大帽山山頂 > 大帽山道(沿車路) > 大帽山扶輪公園  (終點)
Miu Kong Street Sitting-Out Area (Next to Wai Tsuen Sports Centre) > Shing Mun Road (Toward Cheung Shan Estate and pass Ho Fung College) > Shing Mun Reservoir > Shing Mun Main Dam > Maclehose Trail session 7 > Needle Hill > Grassy Hill > Lead Mind Pass (Water Station) > Wilson Trail session 7 > Yuen Tun Ha >  Wilson Trail session 8 toward to Shek Lin Road > She Shan Tsuen Public Toilet > She Shan Road > Lam Kam Road > Ng Tung Chai Road (Water Station) > Sze Fong Shan > Top of Tai Mo Shan >  Tai Mo Shan Road (Along the Road) > Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park  (Finish Point) 

領取物資: 2019年11月29至2019年12月5日 
營業時間: 星期一至日上午11時至晚上8時 


1. 參賽者必須以自己能力完成賽事。基於公平原則,嚴禁支援跑手陪跑。
2. 參賽者在比賽期間必須攜帶所有大會指定裝備。大會將隨機檢查裝備,裝備不全的參賽者,或會被取消資格。
3. 參賽者應跟著賽事路標前進,嚴禁走捷徑。
4. 參賽者必須於檢查站關閉前進入檢查站,逾時到達的參賽者必須根據指示退出比賽。
5. 參賽者不得在檢查站外接受其他支援,沿途的自助售賣機除外。
6. 若參賽者退出比賽,必須通知最近檢查站的負責人員。
7. 若參賽者在比賽期間要求協助,可致電號碼布上的電話號碼與大會聯絡。
8. 參賽編號必須外露於身上,於比賽期間清晰可見。
9. 參賽者在比賽期間應小心横過馬路,走在馬路路段時要格外留心。
10. 參賽者應顧及路徑上的其他使用者,不應在狹窄的路徑上強行超前。
11. 若遇到其他參賽者受傷或不適,應加以援手。
12. 參賽者不得亂拋垃圾。
13. 參賽者不得服食禁藥或違規藥物。
14. 參賽者可於起點存放一件寄存行李。寄存行李將會被送往賽事終點。
15. 大會已購置公眾責任保險,但並不包括個人意外保險。如有需要,參賽者請自行投購個人意外保險。
16. 大會保留修改比賽規則、路線及/或其他安排的權利。

1. 手提電話 (能於香港撥出/接收電話)
2. 有帽防水風褸 (非即棄)
3. 頭燈及後備電 (只適用於53公里賽事跑手)
4. 哨子
5. 杯 (檢查站將不提供紙杯)
6. 號碼布
7. 救生氈
8. 0.5公升水或運動飲料 (起點及檢查站時)
9. 200卡路里食物
10. 一些現金
11. 八達通

1. 大會將因應天氣/賽道/交通狀況, 保留取消/縮短/停止比賽的權利。賽事取消通告將不遲於比賽日早上五時於大會Facebook網頁發放。在這情況下賽事報名費將不獲發還。

Race Pack Collection: 

Gone Running (from 29 November 2019 to 5 December 2019)
16/F., Simsons Commercial Building, 137 Johnston Road, Wanchai
Opening hours: 11:00am to 8:00pm (Monday to Sunday)

Racers must read and agree to accept the  following race rules:-

General Rules
1. Racers must complete the race under their own power.  To promote fair play, support runners/pacers are strictly prohibited.
2. Racers must carry the mandatory equipment at all times during the race.  Random equipment check may be performed during the event.  Racer without the mandatory equipment may be disqualified.
3. Racers must follow the marked course.  Shortcuts are strictly prohibited.
4. Racers must reach the checkpoints before the fixed cut-off times.  Racers who miss any cut-off times must withdraw from the race.
5. Racers should receive outside support at the checkpoints only.  Buying drinks/foods from vending machines/kiosks is not restricted.
6. Racers who wish to drop out from the race must inform the official and sign the withdrawal form at the closest checkpoint. 
7. Racers who need any assistance during the race may call the phone number printed on the race bib.
8. Race numbers must be visible at all times on the outside of clothing.
9. Racers should beware of the traffic when crossing the roads, and take great care when running on roads.
10. Racers should be considerate of other trail users. Passing should be made in a safe place where the trail is wide. 
11. Racers if encounter another racer who is injured or sick and unable to move on their own, please assist.
12. Littering is strictly prohibited.
13. Doping is strictly prohibited.
14. Racers can prepare one drop bag at the start point. The drop bag will be transferred to the finish line.
15. The organiser has its own public liability insurance which does not include personal accident of racers.  Racers should buy the personal accident insurance if deemed necessary.
16. The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the event rules and requirements, route and/or other arrangements as deemed appropriate.

Mandatory Equipment
1. Mobile phone (able to make/receive calls in Hong Kong)
2. Water resistant jacket with hood (not disposable)
3. One headlamp or light with replacement battery (53km racers only)
4. Whistle
5. Personal cup.  No paper cups will be provided at the checkpoints.
6. Race bib
7. Emergency blanket
8. At least 0.5L of water or sports drink at the start point and upon leaving the checkpoint.
9. At least 200 calories worth of energy bars/food portions
10. Some cash
11. Octopus Card

Race Cancellation and Changes
1. The race organizer reserves the right to cancel/cut-short/stop the race due to weather and course conditions.  The cancellation announcement will be made via the organiser’s facebook no later than 5am on the day of the race.   In such event no refund of the registration fee will be provided.

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